Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why Horror Helps

Really, I started this blog for myself more than for anyone else. It doesn't really matter if anyone else reads or gains anything from my writings. But, as you may well see, the fact is that I love stories. I love stories in all their varieties. From a Broadway musical, to a sappy love novel, to a scientific journal. Every thing we do as humans is to take the unknown and make it knowable. Take the incomprehensible and make it understood. I think that life isn't understood through decimal points and measurements, but through the stories we create and the stories we search for.
I know, “gag me with an existential spoon,” right? Well, just stay with me.

Because of my love of stories and ideas, I was able to keep them with me, as I entered a phase of my life with the singular title, ‘Clinical Depression’. The bad kind of depression. The kind that makes your drop out of school, quit your job, and think about stepping out of the picture altogether.

Thankfully now, I’m on the mend and my life has a positive direction again. But during it all I started watching Horror Movies. Movies in general were a good distraction. They were stories I could get wrapped up in and forget about my sad reality. But Horror Movies were something else all together. In them, I was absorbed. The fear and terror drew me in like vortex. The fear the hero/heroin felt became my fear. Their anxiety was mine. It was like being washed in a sea of emotion so real and so present, that my depression was long forgotten.

How could I bemoan my own pathetic job hunt, when Sidney Prescott was being hunted by the Ghost-Face Killer. How could I worry about my non-existent social life when the Alien was bursting through Kane chest on that starship. I couldn't. I was enraptured.
Now before you say anything, I have (and continue to) receive proper medical treatment. Medication is a wonderful thing. But I had turned on a switch inside myself, and I couldn't get enough of the horror.

As I move forward in my education I will learn from the greats and classics of the horror genre as well as embracing the latest and newest fear artists.

I invite all of you with questions about films and terror to come along. You have the chance to watch a novice of horror cinema dive into the deep end of filmography and see your favorite classics through fresh new eyes. Doesn't a new vantage point make a story new again?

Give me your feedback and follow along as I treat demoralization with Horror Movie Medication .


  1. Well, I thought I had heard it all, read it all, when it comes to coping with depression, but this is a new one for me! All I can say is 'whatever works for you!'
    It doesn't matter what method we choose as long as we don't give up. Try to find something that helps if only for a moment, an hour, a day or a week.
    I admire your efforts and applaud your discovery!

  2. I totally believe that horror can help. It definitely helps me sometimes to absorb myself into something I love, and it also helps a lot to have so many people to share that with - even if they are just on the internet. Good luck in your journey, and enjoy watching all those movies!

  3. You commented on my blog a little while back and I'm returning the favor. I'm impressed so far, you're very good at breaking down and analyzing movies. I also understand your reasoning behind this blog. I discovered horror long before I began my cancer treatments, but you can bet it was a very large part of my coping strategies. I still use horror movies as a way of coping with my issues (check out the movies I reviewed last June and July and see if you can guess what I was dealing with then), and I even write my own horror stories. You can see some of them on my Living Nightmares blog, there's a link on my profile. Anyway, keep up the good work; I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Also, I put up a link to your blog on the lair and called attention to it in my next post; so hopefully I got you a few more readers. Best of luck.

    1. Thank you so much for your support. I'm glad I'm not the only one to discover the thrill of horror as a coping mechanism. But with my love a horror film, I have yet to break into the horror literature sphere. Any good recommendations on where one could start?